Action To The Word presents...

    Shakespeare Shorts or What's In A Name?
    By William Shakespeare

    21:00, Wed 4th July 2007 - Sat 7th July 2007 at ADC Theatre
    Summer Vacation

    Here where drugs are quick, pagans worship on a barren landscape; infanticide, bestiality, adultery and cross-dressing are status-quo. Mercilessly ambitious nobles wait in the wings for their turn in the spotlight as ‘King’ whilst a moneylender whets his knife for his pound of flesh. Brothers battle to the death and Asps feed on Queens. Underage intimacy is all the rage; self-obsessed actors play all the parts, cannibalism thrives and fairies fly off into the night…

    And who said William Shakespeare is boring?

    Welcome to Shakespeare’s Bankside, both the Wooden O of Dreams and a pestilent nest of sex and insobriety. The news headlines read, “Bad is all the world, and all will come to naught”, but on Bankside our troupe perform a new comedy. Action To The Word take you on a whirlwind physical theatre voyage through The Bard’s best-bits, inviting you to his world of Love, War, Chaos and Despair.


    Beatrice/Snout -
    Witch 1/Butler/Shylock/Hamlet Snr./Macduff -
    Helena/Lavinia/Fairy -
    Witch 2/Kent/Bottom/Priest/Antonio -
    Hero/Ophelia -
    Romeo/Chiron/Witch 3/Claudio -
    Servant/Tamora/Gertrude -
    Juliet/Starvelling -
    Richard III/Duke of Gloucester/Flute/Duke -
    Lady Macbeth -
    Benedick/Man/Musician 1 -
    Portia/Desdemona/Ursula/Lady Ann -
    Edmund/Benvolio/Snug/Puck/Laertes/Musician 2 -
    Viola/Narissa/Emilia -
    Hamlet/Demetrius/Bassanius -

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