The Changeling
    By Thomas Middleton and William Rowley

    19:45, Tue 6th March 2007 - Sat 10th March 2007 at The Round Church
    Lent Week 7

    Enter a Catholic world of blurred edges and deepest shadows. See madmen normalise before your eyes and the civilsed become like animals. Every step you make will be an exercise of will in this promenade performance. Choose between the clown cabaret, the holy romance, or a grotesque homicide. Two things are sure: you cannot see it all and you cannot trust that what you see is true.


    Alsemero -
    Antonio -
    Fransiscus -
    Beatrice -
    Diaphanta -
    Isabella -
    De Flores -
    Alibius -
    Vermandero -

    Production Team

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