Entertaining Mr Sloane
    By Joe Orton

    19:45, Tue 19th – Sat 23rd February 2008 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 5

    "Mr Sloane, I believed you were a good boy. I find you have deceived me."

    Joe Orton's Entertaining Mr Sloane depicts the convergence of four very abnormal Londoners on one very normal London living room....Young Mr Sloane is a devilishly attractive orphan with a very murky past. All he really wants are some parents to love. The situation becomes somewhat sticky when Sloane moves in with Kath, a middle-aged sexually frustrated frump who is looking for a long-lost baby. It becomes a little stickier when Ed, Kath's wide-boy brother reveals a personal penchant for the boy and his youthful form. It becomes even sticker once again when their elderly father, Kemp, recognises Sloane as the murderer of his former boss. Set in the 1960s, Mr Sloane is concerned with a restless, ruthless, single-minded pursuit of satisfaction and promises to be an unsettling, pulsating and wickedly amusing sanctuary from the bluesy lethargy of Week 5.



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