Journey's End
    By R.C.Sherriff

    19:00, Tue 6th May 2008 - Sat 10th May 2008 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 2

    "...It seems - uncanny. It makes me feel we're - we're all just waiting for something..."

    1. The trenches of the Somme. A group of officers prepares for the greatest German attack of the war. Commanding Officer Stanhope drinks to forget. Hibbert feigns illness. New boy Raleigh thinks it's all a jolly exciting game. Each man has his own coping mechanism, and each takes its toll on the already strained relationships in a confined and claustrophobic space as the pressure builds and the waiting becomes harder and harder to bear.

    A smash hit in the West End, this tense and intricately realised portrait of a few days in the lives of a few men is a poignant testament to the courage and resilience of humanity under the most horrendous conditions imaginable.


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