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CUADC/Footlights Pantomime 2023: Dick Whittington and His Cat – Get-in Crew

19:45, Wed 22nd – Sat 25th November 2023 at ADC Theatre

Our tale follows Dick, an optimistic (if sometimes naive), young lad who lives with his mum in Cambridge. Vigorously inspired one day after reading the autobiography of political journalist (Julie Fitzwarren), Dick decides to go to London to try and carve out success for himself - he hears the streets are paved with gold! On arrival in London, Dick is gleeful to glimpse what looks like a Yellowy gold road! But it turns out to be a double yellow line. Undeterred, Dick enters the big city and starts seeking for work. As luck would have it ends up employed at his inspiration’s house, where he is under the authority of the snobby, jealous chef Nigel Oliver. Nigel is determined to get rid of Dick and plots with his dog crony how to do so. Panto-hilarity ensues!


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