All The Ordinary Angels
    By Nick Leather

    19:45, Tue 29th January 2008 - Sat 2nd February 2008 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 2

    Downing Dramatic Society, Alcock Players and GODS present.. ALL THE ORDINARY ANGELS.

    Two brothers. One girl. A whole load of ice cream.

    When Guiseppe Raffa decides to retire from the ice cream business, only one son can take over. It's not long before tactics get dirty.

    Rocco is up to something with the garden wall. His wife, Bernie, is sick of waiting at home for the children that may never arrive. Lino is in love with Lulu, even though she says that she’ll break his heart.

    And Lulu?

    She has bigger ideas. She’s in love with ice cream and will let nothing stop her from reaching her goal. When Lino starts to lose the competition, she helps Rocco invent a very special ice cream, an ice cream that the people of Manchester can’t stop craving.

    Will Manchester get their ‘fix’?


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