Of Vast Bigness presents...

    Silent Cannonfire

    16:20, Sun 15th – Mon 30th August 2010 at Zoo Roxy, Edinburgh
    Summer Vacation

    The Silent Pirates set a course for Edinburgh! After a sell-out Cambridge run last term, the world's first COMPLETELY SILENT SWASHBUCKLING PIRATICAL ADVENTURE is heading for the Edinburgh Fringe! For anyone who missed it then the show is an audacious piece of theatrical daring, based on the lives real pirates, and brimming (brimming!) with the deafening howl of silent gales, the tempting jingle of silent treasure, the deafening roar of silent explosions, the pitiful cries of silent maidens, the erotic singing of silent mermaids, the boom of silent canonfire, rumbunctious silent drinking songs, silent bravado, silent love, silent rivalry, silent swordplay, silent dead people, silent hats, silent weevils in silent biscuits, really cool silent facial hair and the clamour of silent battles, and this time it's bigger, better and more silent than ever! Huzzah!


    Production Team

    Writer and Director –
    Technical Director
    Stage Manager
    Assistant Stage Manager
    Set Designer
    Set Builder