42nd Street
    By Harry Warren and Al Dubin

    19:30, Thu 5th February 2009 - Sat 7th February 2009 at Cambridge Corn Exchange
    14:00, Sat 7th February 2009 at Cambridge Corn Exchange
    Lent Week 3

    "Come and meet those dancing feet, on the avenue I'm taking you to...42nd Street"

    Following the efforts of notorious director Julian Marsh as he attempts to mount a musical extravaganza during the height of the Great Depression, 42ND STREET takes us from the first audition right up to the opening night, when Marsh gambles by sending out inexperienced chorus girl Peggy Sawyer in the leading role with those immortal words: “you’re going out there a youngster, but you’ve GOT to come back a star!”

    Delivering big, brassy showstoppers, thrilling tap-dancing and a lavish stage design, 42ND STREET will be glitzy, grand and spectacular. Prepare to be dazzled.


    Dorothy Brock -
    Maggie Jones -
    Julian Marsh -
    Billy Lawsor -
    Bert Barry -
    Andy Lee -
    Peggy Sawyer -
    Anytime Annie -
    Phyllis Dale -
    Lorraine Fleming -
    Diane Lorimer -
    Abner Dillon -


    Flute / Clarinet / Alto Sax -
    Clarinet / Tenor Sax -
    Clarinet / Bari Sax / Bass Clarinet -
    Clarinet / Tenor Sax -
    Clarinet / Alto Sax -
    French Horn -
    Trombone - ,
    Double Bass -
    Piano / Celesta -
    Onstage Piano -
    Drum Kit / Percussion -

    Production Team

    Director -
    Musical Director -
    Producer -
    Production Designer -
    Choreographer -
    Technical Director -
    Publicity Designer -
    Assistant Musical Director -
    Stage Manager -
    Chief LX -
    Costume Designer -
    Assistant Stage Manager -
    Production Manager -
    Deputy Stage Manager -
    Assistant Producer -
    Production LX -