Derek - The Footlights Spring Revue
    By James Moran, Keith Akushie and Lucien Young

    19:45, Tue 3rd – Sat 7th March 2009 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 7

    Exciting, charismatic, talented and sexy - Derek Fish is none of these things. But we’ve written a show about him anyway. Derek is the life of one man, told through sketches. Join us as we veer haphazardly from one moment in his life to another; some earth-shattering, some trivial, some intimate, some barely involving him at all. Get to know this normal loser and the vibrant characters who suffer his company. The show features jokes from Cambridge comedians James Moran, Keith Akushie and Lucien Young, as well as a cast of the finest performers around.

    The Footlights Spring Revue is one of the biggest comedy events of the year. Filled with ideas, energy and laughter, this promises to be another smash-hit from the world-famous comedy club.

    Ladies and gentlemen: it’s time to meet Derek.


    Derek Fish
    Neil Stag
    Suzie Booker

    Production Team

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