By Peter Shaffer

    20:00, Tue 17th November 2009 - Sat 21st November 2009 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Michaelmas Week 6

    When a deranged boy, Alan Strang, blinds six horses with a metal spike, he is sentenced to psychiatric treatment. Dr Dysart is the man given the task of uncovering what happened the night Strang committed his crime, but in doing so he will open up his own wounds. While Dysart struggles to define sanity, and justify his marriage, his career, and his life of normality; ultimately he must ask himself: is it the patient or psychiatrist whose life is being laid bare?


    Dr Martin Dysart -
    Alan Strang -
    Hesther Soloman -
    Dora Strang -
    Frank Strang -
    Horseman/ Dalton -
    Nugget -

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