Julius Caesar
    By William Shakespeare

    15:00, Thu 18th – Fri 19th June 2009 at The Fellows' Garden, Selwyn College
    Easter May Week

    When Julius Caesar returns in victory to Rome, it is a day of laughter, sport, and celebration. But joy turns to chaos when Caesar is assassinated, and suddenly nobody is quite sure whom to trust.

    This fiery, elegant production, set amidst the beauty of the Selwyn College gardens, captures the passion and excitement of Shakespeare's greatest political thriller.

    Performances: Thursday 18th June, 3pm Friday 19th June, 3pm

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    Julius Caesar
    Caius Cassius
    Mark Antony
    Marcus Brutus
    Portia, Antony's Servant, Second Citizen, and Young Cato
    Soothsayer and Pindarus
    Marullus and Metellus Cimber
    Decius Brutus and Fourth Citizen
    Lucius and Cinna the Poet
    Cinna and Fifth Citizen
    Casca, Messenger, and First Soldier
    Trebonius and Titinius
    Flavius and Lucilius
    Calpurnia, Octavius's Servant, and Second Soldier
    Octavius and First Citizen
    Lepidus, Caesar's Servant and Messenger

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