Shadwell Opera presents...

    The Magic Flute
    By W.A Mozart/Kit Hesketh-Harvey

    21:00, Tue 9th June 2009 - Wed 10th June 2009 at The Cambridge Union + St. John's College Master's Garden
    Easter Week 7

    Shadwell Opera presents Mozart's Masonic masterpiece, THE MAGIC FLUTE, in which Mozart masterly weaves an archetypal fairy story about a Prince in search of his Princess with a profound allegory about the quest for spiritual wisdom, mixing magical theatrical spectacle, knockabout pantomime, and music that ranges from the showstopping to the heartbreaking.

    The cream of Cambridge's singing talent, and a sparkling orchestral ensemble bring you the perfect post-exam summer entertainment with flutes, bells, fitzbillies' feasts and London fashion house costumes, before the production tours to the Edinburgh fringe, where it will be performed in the world famous Rosslyn Chapel, of Dan Brown's Da Vinci code fame.


    Papageno -
    The Queen of the Night -
    Sarastro -
    First Lady -
    Second Lady -
    Third Lady -
    Monostatos -
    The Speaker -
    Papagena -
    First Armoured Man -
    Second Armoured Man -
    Tamino -

    Production Team

    Director -
    Musical Director -
    Producer -
    Assistant Producer -
    Assistant Musical Director -
    Creative Director -
    Stage Manager -
    Technical Director -