Dandelion Heart
    By Nikki Moss

    23:00, Wed 12th – Sat 15th October 2011 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 1

    ADC LATESHOW Week 1, 12-15th October, 11pm

    “Expect fantastic.

    Expect escapes and japes and high quality high jinks.

    Expect these things because expected, generally, happens.

    I am missing a button on my waistcoat. I can’t perform like this.”

    Bright lights, hay spirals down. Baltimore Bontecou seems to have left the premises, but the lights are on, the heating's still working and the acts look set to tick along swimmingly.

    Explosive, stark, intricate in performance, “DANDELION HEART” is an expedition into the bizarre, its characters an experiment in embracing the peculiar and rolling with it. Comedic yet poignant, this play draws a world of fundamentally broken people, with a way of seeing that doesn't work in tandem with anyone else's, even each other's. What emerges, in the absence of any grounding point, is this:

    Reality is relative.

    Wed £5/£4, Thurs-Sat £6/£5

    Praise for Moss' previous work

    "Visceral . . . potent . . . sharp" THE STAGE

    "Beautifully wrought . . . Slick, brutal, raw" VARSITY


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