By Tamara Micner

    23:00, Wed 30th November 2011 - Sat 3rd December 2011 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 8

    It’s 1979, and Ed and Isabel are on a blind date.

    They really like each other - and each other's parents. As Ed and Isabel's relationship grows, so does their parents' enthusiasm. But tension litters their course: Isabel's dad won't speak to Ed, Ed's mum won't eat pork and no one will shut up. As these characters meet, eat, misinterpret and overreact, will the older generation be a catalyst or a catastrophe? This comedy about the sheepish beginnings of love, and the zealous involvement of parents,makes you wonder why couples stay together. Is it for each other, or is it for the other's family? For anyone who has practically dated their other half's mum or dad, 'Highlight' is two riotous acts of catharsis.  


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