HMS Pinafore - On Punts
    By W.S Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan

    19:30, Fri 24th June 2011 at St John's College Riverside
    Easter May Week

    This year's Gilbert and Sullivan May Week show sees HMS Pinafore take to the Cam, in a unique production staged almost entirely on punts. From the banks of St. John's, audiences will be treated to one of the most popular G+S operettas. We follow a humble foremast lad, Ralph Rackstraw, attempting to win the affections of his captain's daughter, vying with the First Lord of the Admiralty Sir Joseph Porter, who knows virtually nothing about ships at all. Buttercup, a bumboat woman, has a dark secret which will turn everything upside down, but will the various romantic couples enjoy a happy ending? A story of love, class and mystery, peppered throughout with witty dialogue and social satire, this production promises to be fun, enjoyable and one-of-a-kind!


    Sir Joseph Porter -
    Captain Corcoran -
    Josephine -
    Ralph Rackstraw -
    Buttercup -
    Dick Deadeye -
    Boatswain -
    Carpenter -
    Hebe -

    Production Team

    Director -
    Assistant Director -
    Musical Director -
    Producer -