I Found My Horn
    By Jasper Rees and Jonathan Guy Lewis

    23:00, Wed 18th – Sat 21st May 2011 at ADC Theatre
    21:00, Sat 25th June 2011 at Sidney Sussex Arts Festival
    Easter Week 3 to May Week

    I Found My Horn (Varsity *****) will return to Cambridge for one night only on the main stage of the Sidney Sussex Arts Festival, on Saturday 25th June 2011. Starring Oskar McCarthy and directed by Jack Furness, the show was a huge success at the ADC this term as the Week 3 late show.

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    “It takes bollocks of Sheffield steel to play the French horn in public!”
    Ever learnt a musical instrument? Then dropped it on leaving school? And secretly regretted it ever since? Then whether you’re a virtuoso, lapsed instrumentalist, music lover, or just looking for an uplifting break from the depths of your revision, this is the show for you.
    Jasper Rees, seeking redemption after a lay-off of 25 years, clambers into the attic and uncovers the sixteen feet of treacherous brass tubing he never mastered in his youth. Picking up his old French horn, he sets himself an impossible task: to perform a Mozart concerto in front of a paying audience of horn experts. Madness? Perhaps; but for Jasper, there's no choice. It's now, or it’s never.
    Adapted from the best-selling book, I Found My Horn has been called “irresistible” (Sunday Times), “delightful, warm, witty” (Mail on Sunday) and “inspiring, moving and quite hilarious” (Classical Music Magazine). Featuring some of the most beautiful horn music ever written, including live performance, this captivating one-man show comes to the Sidney Sussex Arts Festival determined to remind you that it’s never too late to conquer your demons.


    Jasper Rees

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