Scrooge & Marley
    By Charles Dickens

    23:00, Wed 9th November 2011 - Sat 12th November 2011 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 5

    London, 1843. Marley has lain dead for seven years, mouldering in his grave and burning in the netherworld beyond. Old Scrooge sits festering in his counting-house, accumulating his money by the light of a single coal. At the stroke of twelve, Scrooge and Marley go head to head, hurtling across time and space as they battle it out for redemption... There has never been a telling of 'A Christmas Carol' quite like this.

    Join two of Cambridge's most eccentric character actors as they give life to a sprawling ensemble of Dickensian grotesques. From undertakers to charwomen, petty thieves to vulpine orphans, kindly philanthropists to the spectre of Death himself - here is Dickens's supreme masterpiece in all of its rollicking carnival glory. At once a terrifying ghost story, a delightful comedy and a triumphant reminder of man's power to change, this enchanting modern fairytale is not to be missed.


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