The Storytellers presents...

    The Way through the Woods
    By Paul Cooper

    23:00, Wed 19th – Sat 22nd January 2011 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 0

    The Way Through the Woods is an original telling of the Snow White story, which combines verse, music, dialogue and song to create an atmospheric and ambiguous tale. It explores the cyclical nature of life and the fundamental perils of childhood through a reinterpretation of this classic story, and weaves a thought-provoking narrative from influences which range from fairy tales to Faust.

    Storytelling has always been intimately bound up with music and song, and perhaps nowhere more so than in folklore. As we settle down to a fireside tale in the depths of a winter's night, the specially composed score sets the scene, colours our perceptions and brings the story alive. In its blend of carefully drawn, familiar but surprising characters with original and integrated music, the piece acquires the flavour perhaps of Stravinsky's Soldiers' Tale had it been written by Neil Gaiman.



    Conductor –
    Flute/Piccolo –
    Oboe/Cor Anglais –
    Clarinet/Bass Clarinet –
    Bassoon –
    Horn –
    Tenor Trombone –
    Percussion –
    Keyboard –
    Violin I – ,
    Violin II – ,
    Violoncello – ,
    Double bass –
    Horn –

    Production Team

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