Disco Pigs
    By Enda Walsh

    23:00, Wed 10th October 2012 - Sat 13th October 2012 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 1

    'An thru the pump pump pump of the disco dance I see it all!'

    Pig and Runt are soul mates. Born seconds apart in the same hospital, they are inseparable, with an almost supernatural understanding. As partners in crime, they share an appetite for drunkenness, recklessness, adventure and destruction. But on the eve of their 17th birthday it is an appetite for sex that threatens to tear them apart.

    Disco Pigs erupted onto the Edinburgh Fringe when it debuted in 1997. Winner of both the Steward Parker and the George Devine Award, the ADC debut of Disco Pigs promises to be a thrilling paean to unbridled youth.


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