Mother Courage and Her Children
    By Bertolt Brecht

    19:45, Tue 31st January – Sat 4th February 2012 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 2

    “It isn’t easy, starting a war, but nothing worthwhile is easy. And once you’re in, you’re hooked like a gambler, you can’t afford to walk away from the crapshoot once you’re deep into it”.

    Mother Courage, formidable, vibrant, battleaxe of a woman, makes her living following armies up and down the country, peddling salvaged goods amidst a war torn wasteland. With her she brings her two sons and dumb daughter, dragging behind them their battered cart, both home and business in times of conveniently profit surging violence. Through them we meet a disarming world of brutality and charm, temperamental soldiers, braggart cooks and cowardly chaplains, as Courage continues in her unyielding venture, buying, selling, surviving; however great the cost. Matching the thrilling quality of its characters is a production of titanic proportions, bringing to you this Lent one of the most astonishing stage creations of the 20th century, a story that is utterly beautiful and utterly devastating.

    “It’s too long since they had a war here . . . where’s their sense of morality to come from?

    Don’t tell me peace has broken out again”


    Mother Courage
    The Cook
    Swiss Cheese
    The General
    The Farmer's Wife
    The Young Soldier/The Farmer's Son
    The Clerk
    The One With The Eyepatch/The Colonel/Soldier Three
    The Second Soldier
    The Lieutenant
    The Sergeant/The First Soldier
    The Chaplain
    The Farmer
    The Quartermaster/The Fourth Soldier
    The Army Recruiter/The Older Soldier


    Male Lead –
    Electric Guitar –
    Violin –
    Percussion –
    Horn –
    Instruments –
    Bass –
    Trumpet –

    Production Team

    Lighting Design –
    Musical Director
    Sound Design –
    Publicity Design –
    Lighting Design –
    Assistant Musical Director
    Set Technician –
    Stage Manager
    Production Designer –
    Technical Director
    Nocturnal Technician –
    Production Electrician