Clare College Music Society presents...

    Orpheus & Eurydice
    By Gluck

    19:45, Fri 27th – Sat 28th April 2012 at Clare College Chapel
    Easter Week 0

    When grieving Orpheus is given the chance to bring his wife Eurydice back from the dead, he can’t believe his luck. However, the Goddess of Love has set him no easy task: he must enter the underworld, subdue the raging Furies of Hades, and convince his fiery-tempered, beautiful lover to leave the blissful realm of heaven without so much as a word of explanation or a kiss, or she will die again. Orpheus’s quest unfolds before a versatile and mercurial chorus, whose guises range from wedding guests, to spirits, to demons. The timeless myth of Orpheus and Eurydice shows that Love really does rule over us all.

    Using a contemporary English translation by Michael White (music critic for The Telegraph), Clare College Opera is delighted to bring Gluck’s operatic masterpiece to life in the unique surroundings of Clare Chapel.

    Director: Sophie Rashbrook Conductor: Patrick Milne Producer: Leo Cairns



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