Under Milk Wood
    By Dylan Thomas

    23:00, Wed 14th – Sat 17th November 2012 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 6

    'To begin at the beginning….'

    Welcome to Llareggub, a sleepy Welsh fishing village where old and young potter and clatter through their day-to-day business, in a tumble of sounds and sights. Allow our gentle guide to show you the far-off dreams of Captain Cat, the sincere sermons of Reverend Eli Jenkins, and the longing love letters of Mog Edwards and Myfanwy Price.

    Written as a response to the atomic attacks on Hiroshima and Nagaski, Dylan Thomas's 'play for voices' celebrates the calm beauty of the world, through some of the most evocative poetry written in the English language. This work of Welsh genius is brought to the ADC stage by the freshest talent in Cambridge.

    'We are not wholly bad or good, who live our lives under Milk Wood.'


    Rosie Probert, Waldo’s Wife, Mrs Butcher Beynon, Girl
    Alfred Jones, Mrs. Flusher, Mrs Dai Bread Two, Fisherman, Geisha girl
    Mr Ogmore, Nogood Boyo, Mr Cherry Owen
    2nd Voice, Voice of the Guidebook
    Organ Morgan, Mary Ann Sailors, Bessie Bighead, 1st Neighbour
    Polly Garter, Matti Richards’ Mother, young Evans the Death
    Reverend Eli Jenkins, Mrs Utah Watkins, Old man, 3rd gossip
    1st Voice
    Mr Beynon, Mr. Pritchard, Sinbad Sailors, Willy Nilly
    Tom Fred, Mog Edwards, Utah Watkins, Dai Bread, Billy,
    Curly Bevan, Mrs Pugh, Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard, Johnnie Cristo
    Myfanwy Price, Gossamer Beynon, Mae Rose Cottage, 2nd Neighbour, Mrs Organ Morgan
    Captain Cat, Jack Black, Mr Waldo, Daisy
    Dancing Williams, Mr Pugh, Mrs Dai Bread One, Cherry Owen, 2nd gossip, Dickie
    Jonah Jarvis, Lily Smalls, Waldo’s Mother, Gwennie, Mrs Willy

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