The King and Queen of the Universe
    By Kurt Vonnegut adapted by Tom Powell

    13:05, Thu 1st August 2013 - Fri 23rd August 2013 at C Aquila (Temple Theatre)
    21:30, Tue 15th October 2013 - Sat 19th October 2013 at Corpus Playroom
    Summer Vacation to Michaelmas Week 1

    On a midnight whim, a wealthy young couple, fresh from dancing, take a shortcut through the park. They’re surprised by a down-and-out, who cajoles them into visiting his sick mother. The police, sent by their worried parents, burst in and the shock finishes the old woman. In the aftermath, the couple lose their illusions about the world and each other.

    This dynamically physicalized production is adapted from Kurt Vonnegut’s ‘King & Queen of the Universe’, by a winner of the Harry Porter Prize 2013 and the National Radio Drama Award 2012, whose work has been described as ‘of an almost sickeningly high standard’ (Varsity).


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