Woody Allen's Riverside Drive
    By Woody Allen

    19:00, Tue 30th April – Sat 4th May 2013 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 1

    Jim: Have you been stalking me?

    Fred: Do I look like a stalker?

    Jim: Yes.

    Jim Swain has just seen his latest screenplay, The Journey, turned into a blockbuster smash. But Fred Savage, a mad, bearded homeless man, isn't happy for him. Whilst Jim lives the high life as a successful writer, his pockets lined with cash, Fred stumbles through the cold, treacherous streets of New York, bitter and resentful. The Journey was his idea, Fred claims, a supposedly autobiographical epic about a nasty CIA conspiracy dedicated to his undoing, which Jim overheard him telling to John Kelly (God rest his soul). Fred wants nothing but to exact justice on Jim, so he follows the sycophantic screenwriter from Broadway, down Sherman Avenue, across Dyckman Street, to Riverside Drive, a secluded spot overlooking the Hudson River.

    Riverside Drive is a black comedy by renowned humourist Woody Allen.



    Production Team

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