La Cantatrice Chauve/The Bald Prima Donna
    By Eugène Ionesco

    21:30, Tue 25th November 2014 - Sat 29th November 2014 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 7

    "How bizarre, curious, strange. Then, Madam, we live in the same room and we sleep in the same bed. It is perhaps there that we met!"


    Performed in a mixture of French and English with English surtitles, this production embraces the humour of Ionesco's absurdist masterpiece.

    The Martins are invited to dinner chez the Smiths, and the evening gets more and more peculiar… Mr and Mrs Martin no longer recognise each other, the maid thinks she’s Sherlock Holmes and thanks to the arrival of the local fire chief, the evening descends into chaos and mindless gibberish.

    "La Cantatrice Chauve", or "The Bald Prima Donna", explores the breakdown of communication and satirises social conventions. Expect an extravaganza of language, physical comedy, music, mime and endless silliness.


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