Student film presents...

    Ruling Class
    By Nathan Miller

    00:00, Sun 28th September 2014 - Sat 4th October 2014 at London
    Summer Vacation

    St Olives, an ambitious mid-league private school, embarks on a dangerous experiment. To encourage leadership and responsibility, it promises the pupils real power for the first time. But who will lead the school? That is to be decided democratically. Welcome to the most bizarre and hard-fought election in education history. School of Rock meets Prime Minister’s Questions meets Top Boy. Ruling Class is a drama aimed at secondary school aged teens with dark comedic overtones and a social conscience about a lower sixth former and self proclaimed future rock star Quentin, who has to overcome his teenage narcissism to win the contest for head boy in order to stop the rise of his fascistic rival Julian and win the heart of head girl nominee Emma. The future of Britain is at stake! So stock pile your tins of Waitrose essentials and rev your Chelsea tractors, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


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