The Witt Club

    23:00, Tue 18th November 2014 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 6

    The Witt Club is made up of stand-up comedians Adrian, Ted, Joshan, Ken, and Yaseen.

    Between them, these lovely lads have brought you: spleen, Footlights Presents: Dumpf, The Importance of Being Improvised, Set List, Continuum, Free Footlights 2014, Smile, Ted Hill’s Quip Tease, Three White Guys 2, Improv from the Crypt, Feastival, and a smorgasbord of Footlights and college smoker appearances.

    They’ll be talking at you for about an hour then you’ll go home.

    Previous praise for performers:

    Adrian Gray:
    “5-star act” - The Tab,
    “had the audience in hysterics” - Varsity

    Ted Hill:
    “incredibly natural and stuffed full of great material” - The Cambridge Student,
    “Ted Hill shone… the room immediately took to him” - Varsity

    Joshan Chana:
    “top grade student comedian” - Cambridge Theatre Review

    Ken Cheng:
    “formidable…wry, pragmatic brand of comedy produced floods (and, in my case, actual tears) of laughter” - Varsity

    Yaseen Kader:
    "thought-provoking, exquisitely written, and doesn’t scrimp on big laughs to achieve this for even a second" - Varsity


    Production Team

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