Tobias and the Angel
    By Jonathan Dove

    13:30, Thu 19th June 2014 at Queens' College Chapel
    18:30, Thu 19th June 2014 at Queens' College Chapel
    Easter May Week

    A tale from the Book of Tobit, this simple yet witty and uplifting opera follows the character of Tobias as he progresses on a journey towards spiritual education - learning to listen to the world and preparing to cast out an evil demon.

    This 'community opera' has proved immensely popular since its 1999 premiere. This May Week production, staged in Queens' College Chapel, will stage the opera as if it is being performed by a small close knit community for their friends and family. When various members of the production are missing left, right and centre, the line between performance and reality gets increasingly blurred. Exactly who is playing the demon?



    Conductor –
    Flute –
    Clarinet –
    Harp –
    Percussion –
    Bass –
    Organ –
    Accordion –
    Violin –

    Production Team

    Musical Director
    Stage Manager
    Assistant Musical Director
    Publicity Designer