A New Musical in Concert
By Ryan Rodrigues and Katie Heath-Whyte

23:00, Tue 3rd November 2015 at ADC Theatre
Michaelmas Week 4

How do you make your voice heard in a world that wants to keep you quiet?

Inspired by the events of the London Riots in 2011, this exciting new musical follows the story of a teenage boy trying to pursue his dream of becoming a successful musician against the backdrop of a struggling London borough. When the only hope of a future rests in the security of a local gang, he must decide which path to choose. Facing the pressures of social tensions and the changing nature of community, what will he do?

With a brand new script, and a score by the composer of The CUADC/Footlights Pantomime 2014: The Emperor’s New Clothes, we present to you a concert performance of snippits from this new show.


Jacob Noah (Jake) -
Jessica Lewis (Jess) -
Jackie Noah -
Kyle -
Callum -
Nadine -
Justine -
Rosie -
Daniel -
Mr. Parry -
Mr. Hornsby -
Vince -
Sally -

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