Così fan tutte
    By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    14:00, Sun 21st June 2015 at Trinity College Chapel
    19:30, Sun 21st June 2015 at Trinity College Chapel
    Summer Vacation

    In Cambridge May Week, 1914, the thunder of imminent war on the continent is far too distant for undergraduates Ferrando and Guglielmo to pay much attention. Instead, they are busy enjoying the golden summer – and being blissfully in love with their fiancées, Dorabella and Fiordiligi, who live just outside the university town, waited on by the crafty Despina. Equally crafty is the young students' friend Don Alfonso, a sly old fellow who seeks entertainment of his own by enticing Ferrando and Guglielmo into a bet that he can disprove the fidelity of their sweethearts.

    In what follows over the course of one long summer's day, all four lovers are forced to consider the surety of their values and nature of their relationships, finally seeing their own naiveté brought into sharp relief alongside the lengthening shadows.

    Arguably the funniest of Mozart and Da Ponte's famous collaborations tells a hilarious yet poignant story of youth, age, innocence, experience, and – above all – the high price of naiveté when mixed with passion and desire. CUOS is excited to present a brilliant student cast and orchestra in this production staged in Trinity Chapel.


    Chorus (tenor),
    Don Alfonso


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