Osama The Hero
    By Dennis Kelly

    23:00, Wed 21st – Sat 24th January 2015 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 1

    It’s been weeks and the estate bombings still haven’t ceased. Meanwhile Gary’s school project on Osama Bin Laden is creating waves among the locals. An alleged pedo, a violent thug and his sister take matters into their own hands, to protect the safety and honour of their estate.

    Four characters try to understand their feelings of self-hatred and the futility of life. Dennis Kelly (Utopia, Matilda the Musical) shows our capacity to detect a fault with ourselves or the world around us. Then he shows what happens when we blame that on someone else.

    Osama The Hero is a brave masterpiece of contemporary theatre. It charts the course of a fragmented reality, where disparate elements coalesce violently for one central act, before exploding again into ambiguity. It is a play about the necessity and danger of making truth. And watching it, you are forced to construct your own.



    Production Team

    Assistant Director
    Publicity Designer
    Stage Manager
    Fight Choreographer –
    Lighting Designer
    Assistant Stage Manager