23:00, Wed 11th – Sat 14th November 2015 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 5

    Cinderella with less pumpkin, more picketing? The classic tale of Ali Baba told with one more X chromosome? The greed, ignorance and vanity of The Red Shoes translated into dance? They’re all destinations on the journey and you are invited.

    Yearwalk brings to life the stories you thought you knew in a setting you could only dream of. Traditional folklore and fables are reinvigorated with music and dance, puppetry and shadows, magic and spectacle. The often vague and mysterious nature of story-telling is explored as ancient stories from around the world are brought to stage after being passed down the generations. The atmosphere will entrance you as we embrace the history and mystery of different cultures…


    Production Team

    Publicity designer
    Costume designer ,
    Aesthetic consultant –
    Musical co-ordinator –
    Musical consultant – ,
    Lighting designer
    Deputy stage manager
    Stage manager
    Makeup artist –