Five Go Off On One!
    By Robert Eyers

    21:30, Tue 16th February 2016 - Sat 20th February 2016 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 5

    It's the summer hols at last! Escape the windy rain of February and join the Famous Five for seaside hijinks and simply lashings of ginger beer. When Julian, Dick and Anne join their cousin George for the summer holidays, they are sure that adventure is just around the corner. And they're right! Something fishy is happening on Kirrin Island. Someone's signalling from the tower, there are strange crates on the beach, and where oh where is Timmy?

    Things are looking grim, but don't worry -

    Aunt Fanny's packed a picnic.

    From creative persons behind And Then There Were Nuns, Night of the Amorous Prawn, Tristram Shandy: Live at the ADC! and Picasso Stole the Mona Lisa comes a new comedy that will redefine the word 'corking'.


    George -
    Uncle Quentin -
    Aunt Fanny -
    Brian -
    Father, Villain One, Shop Lady, Soppy Lenoir, Hobson -
    Mother, Alf, Villain Two, Old Woman/Mrs. Crochett, Posh Villain, Harold -

    Production Team

    Writer -
    Producer -
    Stage Manager -
    Publicity Designer -
    Assistant Producer -
    Sound Designer -
    In-House Translator -
    Costume Designer -
    Set Builder -
    Lighting Designer -
    Shanty Master -
    Animator -