Footlights Presents: Xylophone
    By Declan Amphlett and Sam Knights

    23:00, Wed 3rd February 2016 - Sat 6th February 2016 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 3

    ‘Xylophone’ is a brand new sketch show in alphabetical order.

    A) Nobody knows why our alphabet is arranged in the way it is. It is a question that has baffled archaeologists, linguists, and scientists alike. And yet that odd order of disconnected squiggles has been with us for centuries. Let us take you now on an epic journey through its twenty-six letters. In a world where antelopes have to come before zebras and happiness has to come before profit, anything is possible.

    B) From the team that brought you the sell-out show ‘Switch’ comes an hour of fast-paced sketch comedy. It's finally time to ABC at the ADC.

    C) "guarantees screams of laughter" ★★★★★ – Varsity



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