Full Frontal Prudity
    By Adam Woolf, Enrico Hallworth, Ruari Bride

    21:30, Mon 29th February – Wed 2nd March 2016 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Lent Week 7

    No Dogs. No Children. Know your limits.

    The Cricketer's Legs is a booming business full of eccentric characters and amusing goings on. And the owner bloody hates it. All he wants is to maintain a sense of English propriety in his pub. But one day, what can only be described as a whole sketch show's worth of nonsense will push him to the edge. This is that nonsense.

    Come on in to The Cricketer's Legs, grab a complimentary drink and settle to watch the conveniently comical antics of the regulars.

    The pub is fictional, the beer is real.

    A new sketch show from the people brought you the Tab theatre award winning UKIP: The Musical, Murder on the Disorient Express, Laugh You Long Time, String Me Up, Tate Cambridge, More Revelations, Hyper-History, and numerous Footlights Smokers.

    For reals though, there's a free beer with every ticket...

    Previous Praise:

    "Innovative and excellent with a glorious bizarreness" - CTR

    "A showcase of Cambridge's late night wit and sharpness" - Varsity


    Production Team

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    Publicity Designer
    Stage Manager
    Technical Director