Have I Got to Mock the Buzzcocks for You: A Panel Show
    By Lily Lindon

    23:00, Wed 17th – Fri 19th February 2016 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 5

    Finally, you can get your comforting dose of late-ish night comedy LIVE, and next to other real human beings. You might even get to participate.

    Join two teams of jolly funny people in this eclectic homage to panel games. Mix a dollop of intrigue from ‘QI’, a dash of satire from ‘Have I Got News for You’, some Mochrie from ‘Whose Line is it Anway’, and some ironic minding of ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’, and you’ll have something that has a really long title.

    Will anyone actually have some news for you? Where are the missing 2 out of 10 cats? What exactly is a buzzcock? All these questions and more might be answered in Cambridge’s improvised answer to panel shows.


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