Stuart: A Life Backwards
    By Alexander Masters, adapted for the stage by Jack Thorne

    19:00, Tue 31st January – Sat 4th February 2017 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 2

    “You can’t explain me. Spagger. Victim. Attacker. Addict. Lover. Priest. I am one of those sorts who is impossible to explain.”

    Stuart is an alcoholic, drug addicted, violence-loving, “chaotic homeless”. Alexander is a middle-class, Cambridge graduate and volunteer at the local homeless shelter who decides to write Stuart’s biography. As their friendship blossoms, he peels back the layers of a troubled past and discovers just as much about his own along the way.

    Working in partnership with local homelessness charities, this is a production which seeks to challenge your pre-conceptions and transform the Corpus Playroom into a site of social activism.

    Hilariously funny, yet shockingly tragic. This is their story, told backwards.


    Phoebe/ Fi/ Alice/ Police Officer/ Greg/ Chris
    Karen/ Julie/ Linda/ Deaf Jackie/ Trudy
    Judith/ Paul/ Deaf Rob/ Eugene/ Fiona/ Claire/ Steve
    Gavvy/ Fat Frank/ Tim/ Mark/ Jim/ boyfriend

    Production Team

    Assistant Producer ,
    Lighting Designer
    Assistant Director
    Production Designer –
    Publicity Designer / Arts Facilitator –
    Sound Designer
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    Associate Director –
    First Aid on Sleepout –
    Lighting Op –
    Stage Manager