The Connection
    By Jonathan Shamir

    19:30, Wed 9th November 2016 - Fri 11th November 2016 at Robinson College Auditorium
    Michaelmas Week 5

    Joseph is an insecure and bitter man living through the rise of social media. He is a conformist in every sense, but his friend Clarissa elevates his life from the mundane. As The Connection begins to monopolise all aspects of life, a tragic spiral of events leads Joseph to re-examine his relationship with himself and those around him as he is forced to confront The Connection and the way it has indelibly changed the way we all experience the world. This dystopic production seeks to explore the use of technology in theatre, and how we present its growing influence in our lives on the stage.


    Clarissa -
    Elias -
    Jacob/Esme/Robert/Man -
    Eric -
    Jacob/Esme/Robert -
    Alex/Annie/Woman -
    Jacob/Esme/Robert -

    Production Team

    Writer -
    Director -
    Publicity Designer -
    Assistant Director -
    Stage Manager -
    Technical Director -
    Producer -
    Costume Designer -
    Master Carpenter -
    Lighting Designer -
    Sound Designer -
    Sound Operator -
    Queen of Comfort -