Tristram Shandy 2: A Sentimental Journey
    By Laurence Sterne (Adapted by Will Dalrymple)

    19:00, Tue 1st – Sat 5th March 2016 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Lent Week 7

    Tristram Shandy is BACK!

    After his smash-hit book tour, spanning 256 years and ending in style at the ADC in October, things haven't been going so well for Britain's finest Tristram. Death is a-coming. But in true Shandean style, Tristram sticks two fingers up at the Reaper. The first is the newly-resurrected, hitherto dead and buried Parson Yorick. The second is one last theatrical outing, a dense, mad, galloping horse of a play that promises to sweep you off your feet and across the English channel.

    Join Tristram and Parson Yorick for a swift, funny, sunny, rambling, dangerous, lusty, lovely, loveless, daring, scary and, above all, Sentimental Journey through France, Italy and Beyond!


    Tristram Shandy
    Midwife, Doctor Johnson, Lad
    Bitch Midwife, Tourist, Elizabeth Carter
    Midshipman, Horse 2, Concierge, Countess, Jenny, Joseph Wright of Derby, Guard, Margarita, Maria, Lady, Cruelty, Herself
    Captain. Horse, Eugenius, Monk, Mr Dessein, Caution, Cowardice, Discretion, Meanness, Avarice, Pride, Postillion, Landlord, La Fleur, Dead Ass, Abbess, Officer, Guard 2, Guard 3, Nun, Maid
    Alan Bennett


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