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    Shot in the Dark
    By Ella Godfrey & Simon West

    21:30, Tue 31st October 2017 - Sat 4th November 2017 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 4

    Blimey! It’s 1958 and the Cold War is in full swing, Britain’s ladies are neatly tucked away in the kitchen, and Her Majesty’s finest assassins have gathered to celebrate topping off their prime target. There’s just a small spot of bother: she’s not actually dead.
    “I may not have killed her,” says Kenneth, “but I got jolly close.” Et voila! You are served a scrumptious platter of messed-up murders, accompanied by oodles of intrigue and lashings of lols.
    All based on genuinely fictional events; it’s going to be absolutely capital.
    A comedy from the writers of 'Bad Habits' (formerly 'Love in a Maze’) - EdFringe Review, Varsity, CTR and ‘How to lie and get away with it - The Tab


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