Rêver Peut-Être.
    By Jean-Claude Grumberg

    21:30, Tue 6th – Sat 10th February 2018 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 3

    Gérard B. is arrested for the murder of Polonius - a murder he committed in a dream. From reality to absurd, ‘Rêver,Peut-Être’ is a schizophrenic dance into B.’s deepest fears and fantasies.

    As part of the Month of International Theatre, the French society will be proposing this original and immersive show - on the brink between typical French absurd and experimental theatre. The play promises to be a visual and aesthetic experience suited for a non-French-speaking audience.

    Between dreams and reality all the characters of this sometimes fantastical play coexist, evolve and become obsessive. Rêver Peut-Être is an absurd comedy with a plethora of references to Hamlet: it addresses the unconcious, the desire for revenge, the dangers of arrayed justice, the absence of the father and perhaps more than anything the schizophrenia of the actor.


    Gérard B.
    Le juge
    Le metteur en scène
    La gendarme

    Production Team

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