Some Like It Tepid

    21:30, Fri 9th – Sat 10th March 2018 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Lent Week 7

    From the creators of Speechless and Pearly Gates, comes a new ego trip/narrative comedy.

    In order to maximise efficiency and solve a global population problem, the government decrees a new law for the 70 billion living in the world. At the 18th birthday of each citizen, they must prove themselves to a machine that they are the best in the world at something, be that astrophysics or avocado consumption. Enter Trevor: a man with no discernible talents whatsoever, genuinely just a really dull person. His parents spend their days worrying what will happen at his initiation. However, on the day, the machine malfunctions as it declares that he is the best in the world at being the best at nothing. This paradox makes him an enemy of the state and he must go on the run, becoming a figurehead of the rebellion and meeting an array of colourful characters before having a showdown with the head of the totalitarian government.

    Some Like It Tepid is the new narrative sketch comedy show from Jasmin Rees, Comrie Saville-Ferguson and Dan Allum-Gruselle. Parodying the Matrix and 1984, it is a tale of pressure from others to be the best (Cambridge!?), accepting yourself, meaninglessness from a large population and the dangers of meritocracy above the value of people.


    The Tepid Man
    Everything not Dan
    Everything not Dan or Jas

    Production Team

    Props assistant, Burmingham rep –