The Winter's Tale
    By William Shakespeare

    19:00, Thu 21st June 2018 - Sat 23rd June 2018 at Christ's College Fellows Garden
    Easter May Week

    "A wild dedication of yourselves / To undiscovered waters, undreamed shores..."
    Camillo, Act IV, Scene 4 of The Winter's Tale

    CADS is bringing the undreamed shores of Shakespeare's Bohemia to the Christ's College Fellows' Garden, in an immersive outdoor production of the beloved comedy-romance. King Leontes and King Polixenes are boyhood friends, but unfounded suspicions begin to corrupt Leontes' court and a fantastical chain of events is set into motion. Young love blossoms and family members are lost and found in this summer festival of a production.

    The performance invites the audience into a vibrant world of kings, shepherds, and the odd bear. Join us amongst the trees for a sparkling evening of May Week entertainment!


    Leontes -
    Polixenes -
    Perdita -
    Florizel -
    Camillo -
    Emilia/Bohemian servant -
    Mopsa/Mariner -
    Autolycus -
    Paulina -
    Cleomenes -
    Hermione -
    Clown -
    Antigonus/Shepherd -


    Guitar -
    Clarinet -
    Recorder -
    Ukulele -

    Production Team

    Assistant Director -
    Producer -
    Musical Director -
    Costume Designer -
    Publicity Design - ,
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