Animals Who Ate Their Humans
    By Ewa Sułek

    21:30, Tue 10th March 2020 - Sat 14th March 2020 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 8

    Grotesque, surreal and absurd!

    Meet Sasha and Misha, the Ukrainian soldiers of the Donbas hybrid war. Meet also their dead dogs - Ollie and Boi. All trapped together in a bombed pet shop on the Eastern Front, accompanied by unexpected visitors and smart-ass radio.

    In this grotesque and surrealistic story human perspective is mixed with that of animals, the well known world, although under fire, slowly disappears in the fumes of absurdity. Is anthropocentric perspective the legitimate one? Who has the right to decide the fate of other living creatures? What is man capable of and are there any borders?


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