Attempts on Her Life
    By Martin Crimp

    21:30, Tue 23rd – Sat 27th November 2021 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 7

    Content warning (may contain spoilers) Click to expandClick to close
    Strong language; fairly brief (non-naturalistic) depiction of sex, sexual assault, violence, terrorism; discussion of bigotry, terrorism, su^cide; brief mention of r^pe

    Who is Anne? Is she the danger or the victim? Does she even exist at all? Attempts on Her Life is a pertinent exploration of identity, culture and gender, brought to life through a series of unique vignettes, each spotlighting a different facet of society. While the scenes are seemingly unconnected at first, other than by the elusive recurring protagonist Anne - sometimes a terrorist, sometimes a pornstar, sometimes even a car - they are masterfully woven together as the play progresses to create the sense of a cohesive whole, despite the absence of any singular narrative weaving the scenes together. 17 interlinked scenes attempt to define and label Anne, all the while questioning whether it is really necessary to pinpoint Anne at all. Anne is an utter enigma, at once art and artist. ‘And the frightening thing is she could be any one of us.’



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