And Then There Were None
    By Samuel French

    20:00, Thu 17th February 2022 - Sun 20th February 2022 at Fitzpatrick Hall, Queens' College
    Lent Week 4 to Week 5

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    Themes/mentions of death, suicide and murder throughout the play

    We are bringing the Agatha Christie classic back to life and re-situating it in a modernised context!

    Ten strangers are mysteriously invited to Soldier Island by an eccentric millionaire unknown to all of them. Upon their arrival, their host is nowhere to be found. The only thing the guests have in common is a wicked past that they’re desperate to hide: each has been accused of murder. As their stay begins, the guests are horrified to find that they are being murdered, slowly, one by one in accordance to the strange nursery rhyme framed and hung in each room of the mansion: ‘Ten Little Soldier Boys’. Terror mounts as the guests are unable to pinpoint the murderer in their midst, and find themselves trapped on the remote island.

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