CADS Panto 2013: Aladdin
    By Richard Kish

    19:30, Mon 2nd December 2013 - Tue 3rd December 2013 at Christ's New Court Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 8

    Unbelievable sights and indescribable feelings await as Aladdin attempts to get the girl of his dreams, Princess Jasmine, and save his mother's failing Laundrette business! With his brother, Wishy Washy, in tow, the two are about to be flung into a world of magical genies, evil men with talking parrots, good old fashioned musical numbers and the occasional dirty joke...

    What will happen to Widow Twankey and her Laundrette? Will she have to sell her ancient carpet? Will Princess Jasmine ever be free of the palace and her father, the Emperor? Will she be able to be Part of Your World? And just what is hidden in the Cave of Wonders that the villainous Abanazzar wants so badly? The only way find the answer is to come and see Aladdin: A Christ's College Pantomime!

    There's comedy, there's slapstick and there's references galore in the biggest Pantomime ever to come out of CADS! Get ready for this spectacularly cheesy, wonderfully dirty, musical extravaganza coming to the Yusuf Hamied Theatre at Christ's College, courtesy of CADS!


    Aladdin -
    Jasmine -
    Widow Twankey -
    Emperor -
    Wishy Washy -
    Genie -
    Abanazzar -
    Debt Collector 1 -
    Debt Collector 2 -
    Hand of the Emperor -
    Ex-Archbishop of Canterbury -

    Production Team

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    Director -
    Producer -
    Assistant Producer -
    Stage Manager - ,
    Lighting Designer -
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