Comic Potential
    By Alan Ayckbourn

    19:30, Fri 13th – Sat 14th February 2004 at Christ's New Court Theatre
    Lent Week 4

    CADS is proud to present its annual freshers' show. This year, it's a romantic comedy for Valentine's weekend... but it's a romance with a difference. Adam Trainsmith is not expecting to fall in love when he visits the set of burnt-out director Chandler Tate's rubbish medical soap 'Hospital Hearts', but fall in love he does. With a robot called Jacie...


    Doctor/Farmer/Man in Dress Shop/Turkey
    Mother/Farmer's Wife/Woman in Dress Shop/Prostitute
    Boy/Marmion Cedilla/Waiter 2/Technician
    Chandler Tate
    Prim Spring
    Trudi Floote
    Carla Pepperbloom
    Adam Trainsmith
    Jacie Triplethree
    Lester Trainsmith/Hotel Desk Clerk/Waiter 1
    Dress Shop Assistant

    Production Team

    Lighting –
    Sound –
    Set Design –
    Make-up –
    Stage Manager