Les Liaisons Dangereuses
    By Christopher Hampton

    19:45, Tue 19th – Sat 23rd October 2004 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 2

    In the degenerate opulence of eighteenth century France, the magnetic and
    manipulative Vicomte de Valmont and his former lover La Marquise de
    Merteuil are locked in a convoluted and calculating game of sexual conquest
    and emotional sadism.

    Seeking diversion from the ennui that even their customary sexual intrigues
    and emotional perversions cannot alleviate, the two conspire to corrupt and
    destroy the fifteen-year-old Cecile, who is barely out of her convent.
    Meanwhile, Valmont also seeks prey more worthy of his talent and
    reputation; Madame de Tourvel, happily married and famous for her strict
    morals and religious fervour, would be his greatest coup.

    Thus, the two masterful chess-players manipulate their pawns for their own
    sadistic pleasure. But as the stakes rise ever higher, there emerges from
    beneath a veneer of frivolity, an intense emotional power struggle and the
    ultimate tragedy.


    La Marquise de Merteuil
    Cecile Volanges
    Mme. de Volanges
    Le Vicomte de Valmont
    Mme. de Rosemonde
    La Presidente de Tourvel
    Le Chevalier Danceny

    Production Team

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    Lighting Designer
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