Merrily We Roll Along
    By Stephen Sondheim

    19:45, Tue 9th November 2004 - Sat 13th November 2004 at ADC Theatre
    14:30, Sat 13th November 2004 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 5

    CU Musical Theatre Society brings the stunning music and lyrics of Stephen Sondheim back to the ADC stage.

    Following from the whirlwind success of Little Shop of Horrors (2004) at the Cambridge Arts Theatre and the sell out Hot Mikado (2003) and Songs for a New World (2004) at the ADC Theatre, the society presents Merrily We Roll Along, a deeply intense, moving portrayal of friendship and passion.

    Frank, Charley and Mary are young, idealistic and ambitious. They begin their lives together gazing into the night sky, dreaming of Broadway success and changing the world. What has become of their hopes and desires twenty years later? As the years roll back from 1976 to 1957, the friends struggle to maintain their friendship in the face of shattered dreams and broken hearts.

    A rarely performed masterpiece, Merrily We Roll Along combines a heart aching score and storyline with the finest actors and singers in Cambridge.


    Beth Shepard -
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    Charley Kringas -
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